"His information ultimately helped me to grow my IG following by over 10k per week—all organic."

"David was really helpful in providing me with information about how the Instagram algorithm works, how to select the right mix of high performing hashtags, and understanding the analytics that ultimately helped me to grow my IG following by over 10k per week—all organic, no boosted or paid campaigns. If you have the right content, a mix of good design and high value content, but aren’t getting the results you expect, I’d recommend enrolling in this course today."

Everybody starts at zero followers. But you don't have do stay there.

Do you know how to position yourself as an expert?
Do you know how to create content that attracts people?
Do you know what you need to do to build your own following?
This course teaches you all of that.

"With David’s course I learned useful tactics on how to grow my audience and within 4 months we are now at 12.5k followers. Swiping up! YEAH!!!"

"Before the course I had zero knowledge on how to use Instagram as a business tool. I just had about 160 followers, but now, having an audience that we can introduce our work in progress to is a great advantage for the launch. On a personal note, lately, I have two cute little siblings, Talitha & Khalipha, sending greeting videos from South Africa! Would not have them in my life otherwise. I find that priceless."

what is the masterclass?

A content-creation system to grow your brand.

I used it to grow multiple accounts in different topics. And now, more than 200+ students know my secrets worldwide. The best students are quite successful, because they showed up, they did the exercises in the course, they post content using my methods, and they use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. Read below what they said about this course:

"I went from 5k to 22k in 3 months and this has opened so many new opportunities for me and my business."

"Before signing up for Dave's course, I was stuck. I was also skeptical, but his free content helped me so much, I signed up for his course. The paid content was 100x better! It helped me narrow down my audience, what I want to give to them and how to speak to them in a clear and concise way."

But some call me the Instagram Doctor.

I got this title after I helped many people figure out what's wrong with their Instagram and how to fix it. I diagnosed, prescribed and cured their profiles.

This is the story that started everything. I created an Instagram account to share content about space exploration. It blew up.

The first viral post

Early on, I got lucky and one of my first posts went crazy. I only had 50 followers, but this post got 613 likes, 23 comments, and a few bigger pages reposted it.

Seven days after that, I reached the first big milestone: 1,000 followers!

At that point, I thought I had this social media thing figured out. "I beat the algorithm! If I can just keep creating viral content like this, my page will grow in no time. I just have to repeat what I did."


Well, as it turned out, it's not so easy. I was really disappointed. None of my following posts performed as well as that viral one.

I reached 10K followers, but when I was posting content I checked the likes and comments every minute like an addict, hoping I will get another viral hit.

That was my first lesson in content creation. It's not about going viral or getting a lot of likes. Those are vanity metrics. Likes are not followers, and likes rarely buy.


I started studying how the most successful experts and influencers in their field grew their online audience. I wanted to figure out what's their formula. I wanted to understand what makes their content work so well.

As someone who didn’t have a team, was in medical school, and had very limited time, I created a simple process that worked with my packed schedule.

With my new process, I built the Marstronauts community to over 70,000 followers today (more than a year later).*

*The results I have achieved are extraordinary. Your results may differ.


Before teaching my knowledge to the world, I had to make sure it's working in every single field. I needed to validate my ideas.

I created a new account in a new niche, and started applying all my content creation tricks and growth hacks. Instead of space exploration, I started teaching Instagram marketing.

I entered a completely new market, and in 10 weeks, I built an audience of 20K people from scratch, established myself as an expert, and successfully launched the first version of this course. Lucky for you, I have updated it a few times since then.

The important thing is consistency with quality content.

As Gary Keller says in his book The One Thing,“Success is built sequentially. It's one thing at a time.” Applying the same principle to building an audience, you build your audience one post at a time. That’s how you can build a loyal audience.

And as Chris Do, founder of The Futur says,“Good companies have customers—Great companies have an audience.”

After winning multiple niches for my clients and myself...


start learning
Who is this course for?

For those who would benefit from having an audience.

Solopreneurs, creative freelancers, educators, influencers, agency owners, marketers, speakers, writers, artists, you name it. If you want to have an audience, I can show you how to build one.

Specifically, if you...

Have valuable knowledge to share with your audience.


Want to create original or curated content around your expertise.


Focus on the long-term, and don't want more short-term tricks.


Have a business and need to establish your expertise in your field.


Are a great student: you show up, ask questions, and try until you win.

"In three months, I’ve hit 10k with an engagement
I could never imagine."

"Dave’s course was a game-changer for me. I was already creating carousels before taking his course but with an account full of fake followers and bots with an engagement close to zero. After finishing the course, I followed what he teaches step by step. Removed all bots and left with less than 1000 followers. Three months later, I’m about to hit 10k with an engagement I could never imagine. My account grows at least 100 followers a day and I’m closer than ever to become a Digital Nomad (after the virus of course). Big thanks to Dave for creating this course, I recommend it 100%!"



We don't want more content. We want your own insights. That's how you can build your audience. Here, you'll learn how to find them.

The Instagram Algorithm

The enemy everyone fears is my best friend. You can utilize the algorithm to boost your organic reach by feeding it what it wants.

Writing Skills

Words matter. Learn how to write engaging post captions, even if you’re not great with words.

The 4 Carousel Principles

I published more than 100 carousels. Learn why some of them got me over 1,000 new followers, while others triggered 700 website visits.


Content Creation Tutorials

4 hours of step-by-step "walkthrough" tutorials of industry-standard software (Keynote, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more coming).

Optimized Workflow

My hands-off processes to automate the tedious parts of content creation so you can create more while doing less.

What Your Data Means

I love numbers, but I know many people don't. Here, I share what I look for in a simple way so you can optimize your content and grow fast.

Revive Your Dead Account

Enter the mind of the Instagram Doctor. Discover the symptoms of dead accounts and what the medicine is. Take it at your own risk.

Hacks and secrets

Productivity Secrets

How to "hack" your time to maximize productivity while improving quality. No more messy folders, or lack of ideas if you follow these tips.


The gurus don't want you to know this. How to research your hashtags and figure out which ones are working, so you can use them more.


How to get featured on the right pages with the right content. I leveraged industry experts to gain 5,000 new fans in a week using this strategy.


And finally, once you have everything, learn how to benefit from the awareness that you have. Be sponsored, launch courses or get clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts the moment you enroll. It's 8 hours of actionable content that you can watch and apply at your own pace. We also have a community of previous students where you can learn together and ask me questions.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will get lifetime access to the Instagrizzle Masterclass (including any and all future updates).

I don’t have access to Keynote or Adobe software. Can I still benefit from the course?

Good news is during the tutorials, I try to teach not only the HOW, but the WHY as well. I want to install my thinking process to your brain. I’m working on creating tutorials for other web-based and PC software, and once they are done, you’ll get the update at no extra cost. Most creative software have similar functionalities, so until the course is updated, you can still benefit a lot from the tutorials.

Can't I learn this on my own?

You absolutely can. Most of the content is curated over 6 years of applying what I learned from various mentors and resources online and offline. More than that, I have taken the process that many big creative teams use, and tweaked it to work for my resources and lifestyle. I also added my own examples from my own experiences. You'll get everything in one place to get ahead of your competition. 6 years of experience condensed into an 8-hour training.

I don't have time to watch 8 hours of video content

The course is not meant to be binge watched. Spread the hours out in your schedule. This course is designed to guide you from zero to 10,000 followers. It is step-by-step and very detailed. The best way to get the most out of it is to consume one module, apply it, ask questions, improve, and move on to the next module. Learning and results take time. And you have access to the content, me, and the community whenever you need help. If you put in the work and apply what I teach, you'll start seeing growth.

I'm still not sure if this is the course for me

Here's the deal. I'm confident in delivering massive value that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Enroll in the course. Take a look around. Talk to people in the community. And if after 30 days, you find that it's not what you're looking for, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

I want to purchase this course. Are there other payment options?

The course is a one-time enrollment fee of $399 for a lifetime access. Alternatively, you can select a 6-month instalment option of $99/month. During the COVID crisis, I decided to lower the prices to $299 for the one-time enrollment fee and only 5 months of $99 for the payment plan. I hope this helps.